Future technology available today

Elcogen’s unique, low temperature SOFC technology provides excellent performance at 650°C.

Proprietary cells and stacks   •   Leading SOFC expertise    •    Global reach

Future technology available today

Highest electrochemical performance

Future technology available today

Highest electrical efficiency


Elcogen’s industry-leading SOFC technology is positioned to achieve market-enabling targets in the 3 most critical fuel cell performance parameters: efficiency, lifetime and cost.

Efficiency >74%
Elcogen stacks have achieved a WORLD RECORD in primary energy conversion efficiency to electricity of 74%
Operating temperature 650°C
Lifetime >40,000h
Lower operating temperature is the key contributor to lower degradation rates at the cell and stack level.
Cost < €500/kW
Proprietary cells and stacks that capitalize on the low operating temperature (650°C), which allows the use of low cost materials and cost efficient system designs.
Over 60 customers globally, including major players in CHP, energy, transport and other sectors who are using our technology in a wide range of applications. Our customers include stack manufacturers, system integrators, OEMs, research institutes, universities and utilities.
US, Brazil
Industrial OEM-s – 3 customers
Research institutes – 3 customers
Germany, Italy, France, Finland and ohter countries
Industrial OEM-s – 11 customers
Research institutes – 15 customers
Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India
Industrial OEM-s – 19 customers
Research institutes – 11 customers