Elcogen’s business is founded on its extensive industry network and on the deep partnerships it cultivates with core customers.

Our cell and stack solutions are designed in close collaboration with leading system integrators and are based on co-operative research and development with commercial and scientific partners.

Our development network includes over 20 strategic customers, universities and research centers worldwide.

US, Brazil
Industrial OEM-s – 3 customers
Research institutes – 3 customers
Germany, Italy, France, Finland and ohter countries
Industrial OEM-s – 11 customers
Research institutes – 15 customers
Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, India
Industrial OEM-s – 19 customers
Research institutes – 11 customers

Elcogen has participated in multiple European and regional R&D projects, including the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and FP7, where it has developed a track record of successful project implementation. Elcogen also works closely with large industrial partners and leading European research institutes