Our customers currently span from system integrators of residential, commercial and industrial power generation units to the automotive industry and those with interests in power-to-fuel capabilities.
Elcogen’s cell design and stack modularity allow for a large power range: from sub-kW units to multi-MW systems.

Residential & mCHP

Industrial CHP


Electolyzers for energy storage and power to fuel

Elcogen’s combination of efficiency, lifetime and low cost means it is on the trajectory to offer consumers a highly competitive cost of ownership (with low upfront capex) compared to other fuel cells and conventional technologies.

Elcogen’s modularity and ability to scale from sub-kW to MW power levels, coupled with its unique performance parameters and fuel flexibility, position it for a wide range of industrial applications.

High efficiency, high power density and fuel flexibility offered by Elcogen is prerequisite for automotive industry. Battery electric vehicle range extender utilizing liquid biofuels discards the plug-in charging needs and onboard power production in long haul trucks decreases significantly diesel fuel emissions.

Elcogen’s >80% electrolyzer efficiency presents a step-change opportunity in wind and solar storage and power-to fuel yields.